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John TAYLOR was born on May 18, 1850 in Wise County, VA to William TAYLOR and Dicy HILL. John married on October 10, 1867 in Collinswood, Meeker County, MN to Elizabeth HUTCHINS, born March 7, 1845 or 1846 in Yancey County, NC to Jacob HUTCHINS and Nancy BUCHANAN. They had their first child, Elma in Meeker County in 1869 she died in 1870, almost a month after her first birthday. John and Elizabeth then had six more children, Fairybell (1871), Louis Wellington (1873), Elmer (1874), William G. (1877), Archie Alexander (1880), and Guy Otho (1882). John, Elizabeth, and their children moved to Kittitas County in 1884. There John and Elizabeth had another child, Ansel, in 1885. In 1887 their second child, Fairybell, died five months before her sixteenth birthday. In 1888, they had their last child, Florence May. In 1904, John became Kittitas County Comissioner for one term. John died December 12, 1917 in Bristol, Kittitas County, WA. He was buried on December 15, 1917 at the Taylor Cemetery in Bristol, Kittitas, WA. Elizabeth died August 29, 1927 in Casland, Kittitas County, WA, and was buried August 30, 1927 in the Taylor Cemetery, Bristol, Kittitas, WA.

    TAYLOR, Fairybell

    Fairybell TAYLOR was born to John TAYLOR and Elizabeth HUTCHINS on July 2, 1871 in Dassel, Meeker County, MN. She died February 13, 1887 in Bristol, Kittitas County, WA and is presumed buried at the Taylor Cemetery in Bristol, Kittitas County, WA.

    TAYLOR, Louis Wellington

    Louis Wellington TAYLOR was born April 13, 1873 in Collinswood, Meeker County, MN. He married October 12, 1902 to Minnie Elizabeth BAKER. Louis died September 4, 1954 in Ellensburg, Kittitas, WA.

    TAYLOR, Elmer

    Elmer TAYLOR was born to John TAYLOR and Elizabeth HUTCHINS on December 4, 1874 in Collinswood, Meeker, MN. He married August 15, 1906 in Montesano, Chehalis County, WA to Mabel Cora MINKLER. Elmer died on December 30, 1944 in Aberdeen, Grays Harbor County, WA.

    TAYLOR, William G.

    William G. TAYLOR was born to John TAYLOR and Elizabeth HUTCHINS on March 31, 1877 in Collinswood, Meeker County, MN. William first married on December 25, 1902 in Cle Elum, Kittitas County, WA to Maude V. WILLIAMS. He married his second wife, Pearl H. BOICE, May 11, 1908 in Swauk Prarie, Kittitas County, WA. William died April 10, 1953 in Ellensburg, Kittitas County, WA.

    TAYLOR, Archie Alexander

    Archie Alexander TAYLOR was born to John TAYLOR and Elizabeth HUTCHINS on February 11, 1880 in Union Grove, Meeker County, MN. Archie died on October 15, 1961 in Tacoma, Pierce County, WA. He married Luvina Elizabeth CARRICO on April 20, 1904 in Ellensburg, Kittitas County, WA. He married second to Bertha E. ? and third to Rena May?.

    TAYLOR, Guy Otho

    Guy Otho TAYLOR was born to John TAYLOR and Elizabeth HUTCHINS on April 25, 1882 Union Grove, Meeker County, MN. Guy Otho died July 11, 1972 in Yakima, Yakima County, WA. He married December 12, 1911 in Ellensburg, Kittitas County, WA to Cora Ethel ENGLISH.

    TAYLOR, Ansel

    Ansel TAYLOR was born to John TAYLOR and Elizabeth HUTCHINS on May 13, 1885 Bristol, Kittitas County, WA. He married November 9, 1905 in Thorp, Kittitas County, WA to Dorothy Belle THOMAS. Ansel died on July 29, 1976 in Ellensburg, Kittitas County, WA.

    TAYLOR, Florence May

    Florence May TAYLOR was born to John TAYLOR and Elizabeth HUTCHINS on February 11, 1888 in Bristol, Kittitas County, WA. She married October 12, 1904 in Ellensburg, Kittitas County, WA to Edmund Frederick FELDMAN. Florence died January 2, 1970 in Walla Walla, Walla Walla County, WA.


John Taylor dob family bible, census records, death certificate, marriage record, Elizabeth Hutchins, Sworn to list of children of Jacob and Nancy Hutchins, Death Certificate, Sworn statement of the birthdates of their 9 children from October 1930. Also lists Elma & Fairybell's Death dates. Birth Certificates for Louis, Elmer, William, Alex, and Guy. Certificate of marriage for Louis. Elmer's certificate of marriage. Obituaries for Elmer, Guy. Written record from funeral home for Florence.

Submitted by Gretchen Carey


August HABERMAN was born in October of 1854 in Austria to Frank HABERMAN and Annie LINSNER. August was farmer who emigrated from Austria with his family to Kansas at the age of 18. August married Anna LUISNER between 1876-1879 while in Kansas. He then moved to Washington, settling in Kittitas Valley (Ellensburg) around 1880.

August and Anna had about 10 children. Their eldest child, Othelia Frances was born in October of 1881 in Odin, Kansas, and was married in January of 1905 in Ellensburg, Washington to George Washington SALLADAY. Othelia died November of 1974 and is buried at Evergreen-Washelli in Seattle, Washington. Rudolph and Frank were two more of August and Anna's children. The other children are unknown at present.

August died in Ellensburg, Washington.

Documentation: Documents by Dorothy Catherine Salladay Little, and her written memories of family stories/history

Submitted by Pandora Fitzpatrick


Jacob SALLADAY was born April 26, 1837 in Noble County, Ohio. Jacob died November 28, 1910 in Ellensburg, Washington. Jacob was married on March 10, 1864 in Guernsey County, Ohio to Mary Anne SECRIST, born September 14, 1843 in Guernsey County, Ohio.

Jacob and Mary Anne had eleven Children: Anna Nauciscaa, Luther Elmer, Minnie Leah Octa, Samuel Ashburn, Ida Laura, Lou Ota, George Washington, Opha Lelia, Flora Etta, Loretta, and Gladys.

Jacob and Mary moved to Illinois where Anna Nauciscaa was born February 26, 1865 (she was living in Seattle in 1930s) and Luther Elmer was born on April 5, 1866, both in Assumption, Illinois.

They had four more children in Jasper County, Missouri. They were: Minnie Leah Octa, born on September 6, 1867 (she died May 6, 1927 in Lewiston, Idaho), Samuel Ashburn, born on February 17, 1869 in Carthage, Missouri (he died on May 31, 1933 in Twin Falls, Idaho), Ida Laura, born December 17, 1871, and Lou Ota, born Jan 22, 1875 in Carthage, Missouri (she died August 15, 1877 in Fulton, California).

From Missouri, it appears that they moved to Fulton, California where they had two more children. George Washington. George Washington was born on February 22, 1877 (he and married Othelia Frances HABERMAN, and died on January 7, 1927 in Paterson, Washington), Opha Lelia was born on January 4, 1880.

Jacob and Mary moved to Kittitas County where their last three children were born. Flora Etta was born April 6, 1884, Loretta was born on November 30, 1886, and Gladys was born August 23, 1889 - all in Ellensburg, Washington.

Jacob died November 28, 1910 in Ellensburg, Washington, and Mary died April 24, 1926 in Seattle, Washington.

Documentation: Names & dates are from notarized transcription of Jacob Salladay's bible, commissioned by Anna Nauciscaa Salladay.

Submitted by Pandora Fitzpatrick

DURR, Jacob

Jacob DURR was born in 1848. Jacob came to Kittitas County in 1877. Jacob Engineered the building of the Durr Road from Ellensburg over the Umtanum to Yakima. He also built the upper bridge across the Yakima River. He married Elizabeth HAWN, born in 1849 to Henriette Soafie Elizabeth WITT.

Jacob and Elizabeth had five children; Bertha, Charles, Anna, Caroline, and Matilda. Their first child, Bertha, was born in Indiana on May 5, 1876, married Fred Daniel SEYMOUR (born in 1864 and died in 1951), died in 1952, and is buried CDA Idaho.

Jacob and Elizabeth moved to Kittitas County in in 1877, where the rest of their children were born in Ellensburg, Washington. Charles was born December 6, (she died 1936 in Colville), Anna was born in 1879 (she died at the age of 10 on March 9, 1889 in Ellensburg, Washington), Caroline was born November 28, 1880 (she married Fred ENGELHARDT, lived in Stevens County , and died August 8, 1967 in Spokane, Washington), and Matilda was born in 1882 (she married Fred ROGERS on July 7, 1901 and died in 1923 in Genisee, Idaho).

Jacob died September 1896 in Methow Rapids, Washington and Elizabeth died in 1884.

Submitted by George (Bud) Engelhardt

NORTHCUTT, Louis Allen

Louis Allen NORTHCUTT was born November 4, 1882 in Benedict, Kansas in 1963 to Louis Corbin NORTHCUTT and Mary Frances FRITCH/FRITZ. Louis resided in Kittitas County for about 40 years - he died in Ellensburg, Kittitas County, Washington and is buried there.

Louis was a "Jack of all trades." He homesteaded with his wife near what is now Royal City, Washington.. As a young man he worked in the mine quaries in Oklahoma. His parents owned a grocery store in Muskogee, Oklahoma. While in Washington, as a young man, Louis and his wife Alice worked a cook house. Louis also helped build the first road through the canyon to Smyrna ,Washington, where they purchased their supplies while homesteading. They sold their homestead a few years before the irrigation project changed their land into some of the most productive land in Washington state. After selling their land they moved to Ellensburg where their children could go to school.

Louis' wife, Alice Eleanore TOWNSEND, was born August 29, 1882 in Montarey, Davis County, Iowa to Lewis TOWNSEND and Eudora DAVIS. Alice died November 11, 1978 in Ellensburg, Kitittas County, Washington where she is also buried. She was a resident of Kittitas County for about 50 years. Alice had written an autobiography before she passed away and is currently in the possession of Jody Fisher.

Louis and Alice had four children, Zelda Mae (1908), Wanda Ora (-living-), Clyton Lewis (1918), and Ralph Allen (1921).

    NORTHCUTT, Zelda Mae

    Zelda Mae NORTHCUTT born April 12, 1908 in Quincy, WA to Louis Allen NORTHCUTT and Alice Eleanore TOWNSEND. Zelda married her first husband, Truman HOUSER, and had three children. Zelda married her second husband on February 4, 1939, Harold Felix NEELY in Yakima, Yakima County, Washington and had three more children. Zelda died December 31, 1955 in Bremerton, Washington.

Documentation: Marriage certificate of Louis Allen NORTHCUTT and Alice Eleanore TOWNSEND in possession of the submitter's uncle. Newpaper obituary of Ralph Allen NORTHCUTT, newspaper obituary of Zelda Mae NORTHCUTT, marriage certificate of Zelda Mae NORTHCUTT and Felix NEELY, all in possession of the submitter.

Submitted by Jody Fisher

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