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If there is a certain subject concerning Kittitas County History or research in the Kittitas County area that you would like to know more about, submit a History or General Research Query (via email). Please put "History Query" in the subject window.

Because of the high volume of email I have been receiving I will now place the submitter's email address on the history queries - in other words, you will be emailing the person asking the question. Because this information is helpful to everyone, I hope that you will send a copy of your response to me to place online. Eventually, I plan to address each topic below in a history of Kittitas County.


BIOGRAPHIES - Looking for Kittitas County Biographies. Submit yours by visiting the biographies page.


CEMETERIES - Looking for the histories of the cemeteries in Kittitas County. Does anyone know of any deserted cemeteries, private family graveyards, or isolated grave sites? Sharon Bart, Kittitas County Sponsor GHOST TOWNS - Looking for information about ghost towns in Kittitas County. I know of one, Weston, which was to the west of Easton. I believe Weston was abandoned after the only passage there, a tunnel through the mountain, caved in. Sharon Bart, Kittitas County Sponsor HISTORIES - Looking for information about the creation of the towns and life of the settlers of Kittitas County, even if it's only one fact. Also would like to know the histories of the businesses of Kittitas County. Submitter, Sharon Bart.

MARTIN - Does anyone know the history of "Martin" listed on the 1909 map of Kittitas County or how it was named?  My husband's maternal line of MARTIN settled in that general area before Washington became a state. They also lived in Thorp, Cle Elum and Ellensburg.  The parents were Atwell MARTIN and Elvira PURVIS and they were listed on the 1889 Washington Territorial Census along with their children.  Any help would be appreciated. Sharon Carnahan

INDIANS - Looking for information about the Indians which settled Kittitas County. Sharon Bart, Kittitas County Sponsor

See Swauk Prairie


I was hoping to find land use/property maps in the Hyac area. Submitter: Gyung Son
 I am looking for information on stagecoach roads and the Caribou Trail from Yakima to Ellensburg. Submitter: Bill Purdue.
Looking for information on the mines and for accounts of mining accidents in Kittitas County and the people involved. Submitter, Sharon Bart, Kittitas County Sponsor

#9 Mine - My grandfather, John "Casey" MORRIS, was killed in an accident at this mine on 20 Dec 1946. Any information about this accident welcome. Shirley Walterhouse

#1 Mine - On the afternoon of 5/9/1892 an explosion in Roslyn's No. 1 mine rocked the town and killed 45 miners, including my GGFa, Joseph BENNETT. It tok 4 days to recover all of the bodies because the accumulating gas pockets threatened more explosions. the subsequent investigation determined that poor ventilation was the major cause and several suits were foled against the Northern Pacific Coal Company , operator of the mine. Details of this tragedy were told and retold in numerous places, including Bureau of Mines reports, and the History of Yakima, Kittitas and Klickitat Countyies (1904).

-- Submitted by Lee Bennett


Miner's Echo Weekly

OBITUARIES - Looking for obituaries of your Kittitas County ancestors. Sharon Bart, Kittitas County Sponsor

SALMON - I am seeking any information that people might have in family letters, photos diaries, etc. concerning salmon in Kittitas County. Bob Tuck


        Looking for the history of the schools and colleges in Kittitas County. Does anyone know of schools which are no longer in use?

ELLENSBURG BUSINESS COLLEGE - My great grandfather, Seaman Van VLIET the buisness College in Ellensburg at the turn of the century. Someone has told me that it is now a State University. Is this so? Patty Moreland
WV SCHOOL - My Uncle, Kenneth KNIGHT went to a school with the initials of WV in Kittitas County. Does anyone know of this school? Cheryl Feeback

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