Durham's History, Vol. II, Surname Y


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Yakima Development Co. 462, 463
Yakima Investment Co. 571
Yakima Land & Development Co. 462, 463
Yakima Land & Live Stock Co. 462, 463
Yakima National Bank 571
Yaryen, Andrew 655
Yaryen, Polly Ann (Heath) 655
Yauch, Susanna 461
Yeaton, C.F. 50
Yellow Head Land & Mines Investment Co. 521
Yeomans, Henry A. 507
Yeomans, Olive G. (Gilbert) 507
Yetson, (Mr.) 104
YMCA Building 313, 437
Yokom, Asa 581
Yokom, Charles 581
Yokom, Dexter Aden 581
Yokom, George 471
Yokom, George Powell 581, 582
Yokom, Helen Genevieve 582
Yokom, Mary 581
Yokom, Minnie (Scheel) 582
Yokom, Nancy C.(Pence) 581
Yokom, Orville Dexter 582
Young, Arthur A. 385
Young, C.T. 652
Young, Elva (Libby) 385
Young, Harriet 235
Young, James W. 378
Young, William A. 235

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