Durham's History, Vol. II, Surname U


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Uhls, Albert Vernon 610
Uhls, Charles F. 610
Uhls, Margaret (Brown) 610
Uhls, Pauline (Sain) 610
Ulrichson, Anna 689
Underwood, James B. 797
Underwood, Mae 797
Underwood, Margaret I. (Charles) 797
Union Depot Co. 32
Union Fuel & Ice Co. 260, 261
Union High School (Chewelah) 165
Union Iron Works 687, 741
Union Life Insurance Co. 237
Union Pacific Railroad 32, 153
Union Park 647
Union Park Addition 356
Union Park Bank 391, 402
Union Savings Bank 402
Union Securities Co. 194, 195, 497, 676
Union Trust & Savings Bank 71, 236, 357, 494, 497
Union Trust Co. 8, 53, 497, 537
Union Works 780
United Copper Co. 781
United Copper Mine 718
United Copper Mining & Smelting Co. 281
United Copper Mining Co. 292, 295, 687
United Securities Co. 325
Upton, Helen 604

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