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This group of photos is wonderful because it follows a group of children from kindergarten through the 7th grade.  Jerry Jones submitted these photos, and somehow over the time they have been on line his email has been lost.  If anyone knows Jerry, please ask him to contact me!!

Emerson Elementary School First Grade Class, May 1949
Front: Robert Camp, Bobby Leabig, Sammy ?, ?, Jerry Jones.
Second: ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Rosaleen Higgins, Judy Forbes, Beverly Bullard, Karen Coleman
Third: Robert Sterling, Alan Montor, ?, Jim Tucker, Don Jones, Jim Kroske, ?, Craig ?
Not Pictured: Teacher...Mrs. Hillbrush

Emerson Elementary School Second Grade Class, May 1950
First: Jerry Jones, Chris Ferrier, Jim Kroske, Robert Camp, ?, Bill Stoeser.
Second: Beverly Bullard, Peggy Fowler, Judy Forbes, ?, ?, Debbie Reynolds, Joan White.
Third: ?, Juanita Linton, Bonnie Lemon, Maureen O'Connor, Sharon Bowles, Virginia Montor, Gail Stewart, Rosaleen Higgins, ?.
Fourth: ?, ?, Jerome Brady, Kermit Kilcup, ?, Doug Cougar.
Not Pictured: Teacher...Mrs. Woodard.

Emerson Elementary School Third Grade Class, May 1951
First: Billy Grafmiller, Dick Harris, Bob Leabig, Alan Montor, ?, Jerry Jones.
Second: Lavonne Haas, Karen Coleman, Gail Stewart, ?, Sandra Drury, Judy Forbes, Peggy Fowler, Beverly Bullard.
Third: Bill Stoeser, ?, Rosaleen Higgins, ?, Dorothy Bennett, Linda Randall, Pauline Patterson, Dennis Patrick, Jerry Marx.
Fourth: Ronnie Cameron, ?, ?, Kermit Kilcup, Arlie Peterson, ?, Jerome Brady
Teacher - Ms. Ring

Emerson Elementary School Fourth Grade Class, May 1952
First: ?, Jerry Jones, ?, Bill Stoeser, ?, ? .
Second: Beverly Bullard, ?, Doroth Bennett, ?, ?, Lavonne Haas.
Third: Peggy Fowler, ?, ?, Rosalie Higgins, ?, ?, ?, ?.
Fourth: Bill Dashbaugh?, ?, ?, Jerome Brady, Kermit Kilcup, ?, ?

Emerson Elementary School Fifth Grade Class, May 1953
First: Jerry Jones, ?, Robert Camp, Bill Pardon, Jim Kroske .
Second: ?, ?, Maureen O'Connor?, Linda Randall, ?, Karen Coleman, Peggy Fowler.
Third: ?, Chris Ferrier, ?, Rosaleen Higgins, ?, ?, Bill Stoeser.
Fourth: Alan Montor, Dorothy B?, Kermit Kilcup, ?, Ronnie Cameron, Billy Grafmiller, Jerome Brady, Teacher-Mrs. Lawrence.
Unknown's - Gary D., Kay O., Stephan J.S.?, Sandra D., Harold E., Nancy C., Juanita Linton, Jim Nance, and Larry D.

Emerson Elementary School Sixth Grade Class, April 1954
First: Wayne Harla?, ?, Bill Stoeser, Bill Daschbach, ?, Jim Kroske, Jerry Jones, ?, Bill Grafmiller
Second: Lavonne Haas, ?, Karen Coleman, ?, ?, ?, ?, Beverly Bullard.
Third: ?, Rosaleen Higgins, ?, Bonnie Lemon, Evelyn Wellhauser, ?, ?, ?, Mrs. Henderson. (Thank you John Preston for giving us Mrs. Henderson)
Fourth:  Jerome Brady, ?, Kermit Kilcup, ?, ?, ?, Chris Ferrier, Jim Tucker.
Unknown's - Lawrence L., Judy F., Ronnie Cameron, Frank Tayloe, Ronald Anderson, Alice Rodgers, Susan Fretwell, Judy Moss, and Lonnie Renyolds.

Emerson Elementary School Seventh Grade Class, May 1955
First: Lavonne Haas, Virginia Montor?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, ? .
Second: Mr Kulm, teacher, Jerry Jones, Howard Wellman, ?, ?, ?, ?, Peggy Fowler, Beverly Bullard, Bill Pardon, Bill Stoeser.
Third: Jim Tucker, Ref A.?, Jim Kroske, Jerome Brady, Chris Ferrier, Frank Tayloe, Wayne Harla, Bill Daschbach.

I have not been able to find the names for this photo

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