Our Lady of Lourdes Academy

This photo has some numbers written on the front to correspond with the names listed below, which were provided on the reverse. No dated info is available as to this info, nor by whom. Two of the individuals are relatives of Ann. Larger Photo

1. Dr. Irving Leonard, deceased Oakland CA, 1958 Attended Rosary & Mass11/17/66
2. Henry Dosch, Bro of Father Dorch, deceased 1910
3. Eddie Leonard - no relation to Dr. Irving Leonard- Spokane
4. Dr. Marion Kalez- Spokane'
5. Dr. John Connolly- Seattle
6. Edwin Kass- no info.
7. Timothy McAuliffe, Police Judge, Wapato, Yakima County
8. Johnny F. O'Neill, 606 Post St. San Francisco, CA 94109
9. Fred Martin Brewery, Yakima and Spokane WA Not sure if Brewery is surname?
10. Jake Laudwine. Spokane- saw him a year ago
11. ??? Stack, Deceased 1936
12. ??? Kalez, Bro of Dr. Kalez, Spokane
(added 19 Oct 2007, by Ken Schade - "Sure don't recognize faces here, but I do know that Marion Kalez' brother, was Jay J. Kalez. Their dad owned the Rockaway Restaurant.")
13. Arnold Shaw, Spokane
14. Bob Vogt, San Francisco Policeman, deceased 1945, Attended Rosary and Mass
15. Father Anthony Dosch
16. Helen White (Mrs. J. Boyer) Anaheim CA, see them often
17. Rosina White (Mrs. Stewart Wilson) Spokane, saw her a year ago
18. Anna White (Mrs. Frank Guest) Spokane, saw her a year ago
19. Agnes McAuliffe (Mrs. Earl McKee) Seattle

This wonderful find provided by Ms. Ann Brown-Juarez. If you can help identify someone else in this photo, please contact me.


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