Photos by Pamela Wagoner


This is a Class Photo provided by Pamela Wagoner. It is one that her mother owned and she had written the names on the back. Pam has tried to decipher them as best she could, but if you see one you recognize, let us know.  Enjoy!

Front row - Jean Nance, Jean Fornia, Dorothy Martin, Norma Nelson, Phyllis Petaya, Jane Labaree, Helene Anderson, Eleanor Bloom, Betty Labaree, Eloise Brooks, Barbara Boyle, Dorothy Long
Second row - Fitzgerald (Principal), Lane (Teacher), Betty Peterson, Frances Krugel, Emily Handler, Olga Kokat, Marceline Moody, Mary Shields, Ginny Bacon, Stana Novick, Betty Peterson
Third row - Jack Rosenburg, Dick Robinson, Dick Pfiefer, Fred Hoogenerr, Warren Westerman, Bob Jones, Joe Lippert, Ray Shanan, Vincent Gugg, Ray Kellier, Bernard Shultz
Back row - Cecil Rowland, Johnny Nicolson, Dick Moss, Paul White, Martin Nelson, Harold Haarwas, Leon Anderson, Dick Rhuele, Johnny O'Neill, Lee Devore, Duane Henry

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