Post Cards from the Past


This is a beautiful collection of "Picture Postcards" showing the way Spokane was in the early days. These have been provided to us by Judith B. Glad. She is a romance writer and has graciously allowed these for your viewing pleasure. But please be considerate, and do not extract these for your own use without express permission from Judith.

These are thumbnail images, so please click on them to see a larger Postcard. If you have a memory to go with any of these scenes, please let me know. If response is great enough, I will gladly start an oral history section for Spokane County Project page. Who knows what great events might trigger some other information that has escaped your memory until now.

Coeur d'Alene Park, Spokane

Down River Park

Geyser Fountain, Natatorium Park

Sunset Highway view of Spokane (before the Freeway)

Ensign Robert Monaghan Monument, Spokane Club, Monroe Street Bridge & Court House

North Central High School

Sacred Heart Hospital

Spokane Chronicle Building

The Carnegie Library

St John's Cathedral




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