Representative Men - Spokane Falls Surnames P-V


C. S. Penfield 
Although still a young man Dr. Penfield enjoys a large and constantly growing practice among all classes of the community. He was born in Fairfield, Washington County, Ohio, where his father, who is now associated with him, was a practicing physician. Dr. Penfield was educated at Oberlin, Ohio, and took his degree at the Hahnemann Medical College of Chicago in 1879. He first practiced in Chicago for three years and then moved to Kansas City, but his health became somewhat impaired and was obliged to return to Chicago in less than a year.

He next took a trip to Montana where he regained his health completely, but he continued his travels and arrived in Spokane Falls in 1883. He is President of the Spokane Homoeopathical Medical Society and a member of the State Examining Board. He is also a Director of the Washington and Idaho Fair Association. He is quite prominent at race meetings as an owner of fast trotters.

Chauncey B. Seaton
The magnificent Exposition building is not only a monument to the city, but one to the honor and skill of Mr. Seaton. As an architect he needs no further introduction to the public than through the handsome structure in which the Exposition is held and which was designed by him and erected under his personal supervision. Mr. Seaton was born on the 17th March, 1848, near Bucyrus, Crawford County, Ohio. He spent most of his early youth on a farm and attended the country schools until he had attained the age of 14, when he entered the school at Wooster, Ohio, and subsequently the University of Wooster.

When he was 19 years old he followed a course at a technical school at Chicago, Ill., and then commenced the study and practice of architecture. After having finished his education he went south and located at Selma, Ala., where he practiced his profession for about four years. He returned to Chicago and remained there until the spring of 1887, when he located in St. Paul, Minn.

In August, 1889, he came to Spokane Falls, and immediately established himself as an architect. During his short residence here he has designed and erected some of the most striking buildings which now grace this city. His plans for the Exposition building received the highest commendation of all who saw it, and the executive board very appropriately selected his as the best architectural design submitted.

Arthur Jay Shaw
Arthur Jay Shaw was born in Aurora, New York, April 6, 1856, and after a thorough course at Genesee Wesleyan Seminary at Lima, New York, was graduated from that institution in 1878. He was admitted to the Bar of Rochester, N. Y., in October 1881, and practiced successfully in that city until the spring of 1884, when he was appointed by President Arthur, Receiver of public moneys at Lewiston, Idaho. He served in that office his full term, with credit to himself and to the party which appointed him, and with the change of administration he resigned his office.

He then came to Spokane Falls and became identified with the Review, as its business manager, and afterwards associate editor. At the conclusion of his connection with that paper he again resumed the practice of law. He formed a partnership with Millard T. Hartson, the present Judge of the Probate Court, and also engaged extensively in the real estate business.

The initiative step toward the success of the Exposition was taken by Mr. Shaw, and now holds the offices of Director and Secretary. When the enterprise was not yet an assured fact, he labored earnestly and faithfully to place it upon a substantial basis. His efforts on behalf of the Exposition have been untiring. His devotion to the cause has been sincere, and he may look with pride upon the result of his work and his constant labor, believing as he does that the Exposition will convince the world of the unlimited and inexhaustible resources of this country.

He has sacrificed his personal interests to the welfare and success of the greatest exhibition this section of the country has ever seen. During the month of July Mr. Shaw was honored by President Harrison with the appointment of postmaster at Spokane Falls without his solicitation, and he has been confirmed by the Senate.

B. C. Van Houten
Few men have been more prominently identified with the growth and present prosperity of Spokane Falls than B. C. Van Houten.

Born in 1848 on a farm in Yates County, New York, and educated in the public schools, he started for the West and settled in Lane County, Oregon, while not yet of age. There he was engaged for many years in the mercantile and milling business, and was at the same time Wells, Fargo & Co.'s agent for that place. In 1881 he removed to Spokane Falls and was associated with A. A. Newbery in the land business.

Three years later he was elected auditor of Spokane county, which office he held for two terms.

In 1889 he was elected President of the newly organized Citizens' National Bank, and in January, 1890, accepted an active position as Vice-President of the same corporation. He owns considerable land, and some of the finest stock in Washington is bred on his farm.

Naturally, as a lover of horses, he has always been prominent member of the Washington and Idaho Fair Association, and has been Secretary of that society for two years.

Mr. Van Houten has always taken a great interest in politics, and is a strong and consistent Republican. He was a delegate to the national convention from Oregon in 1876, and voted for Blaine from post to finish.

He is a present State Senator from this county for the long term.


Spokane Falls and its Exposition. The City of Spokane Falls and its Tributary Resources. Issued by the, Northwestern Industrial Exposition, Spokane Falls, Washington, October 1st to November 1st, 1890. Copyrighted, 1890, By C. W. Robinson, Manager. Matthews, Northrup & Co., Art-Printing Works. Buffalo and New York. 1890.


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