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Please help! This site is only as useful as you make it! Volunteers are needed in the following areas: Lookup Volunteers - If you have Spokane County materials such as local history books - a lookup now and then would be immensely helpful. Or if you can do a quick lookup at the library from time to time.

  • Index Volunteers - Are you willing to index the surnames of a local history? If you are - we will be glad to post them (and give you credit, of course).
  • Transcribers - How about taking your daily walk through a local cemetery and transcribing it? Take a clipboard or a tape recorder - you'll be amazed at how interesting and enjoyable this project is.
  • Census Transcribers - If you would like to help transcribe Federal or State Census records for posting on the internet, contact the Census On-Line Project.
  • Any other ideas? Let us know!
  • As you can see, volunteers are needed..Won't you help?
  • Be sure to thank the kind volunteers below!
Reference Volunteer Name
A number of books have been published about Spokane County and its residents. Do you own one you would be willing to do lookups in?????????? Put your name here!

Obituary and Newspaper
Obituary and Special Newspaper lookups (as of 15 Dec 2009)

Michelle Ross

Whitworth College Yearbooks
I have three year books from Whitworth College in Spokane years 1948, 1949, 1958. I will do look ups in these books. Please specify which year they would like. I can also send them pictures from the book, as I have a scanner. Make sure you specify if you would like pictures sent if I find any.

Lori A. Hanna

I have the book "Green Bluff's Heritage", and am willing to do lookups. It is the history of some of the families from the Green Bluff area of Spokane County. I have the lookup permission statement from the Green Bluff Grange who has the copyright on this book.


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