Spokane County, Washington
Migrations OUT of Spokane County, Washington

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BURNETTE, Thomas 1881 to 1973 Ireland Orange, California 1917 Ruth Feather
GOOS, Herman Harold 1915 to 1995 Washtucna, Adams County, Washington Vallejo, California 1964 Ruth Anne GOOS Halligan
JOHNSON, James Walter 1868 to 1937 Michigan Usk, Washington 1930 Ruth Anne GOOS Halligan
LYNCH, Maridee May (Hilby) Kessen 1936 to Present Spokane, Washington Cincinnati Ohio 1955 Bob Foyles
NEELY, Harry J. 1871 to 1935 Cass/Henry Co., Illinois Wilbur, Lincoln Co., Washington 1889 Suella Postles
NEELY, Harry J. 1871 to 1935 Cass/Henry Co., Illinois Tacoma, Washington 1917/18 Suella Postles
SHULER, Harry Eugene 1867-1955 Minneapolis, Hennepin, MN. Minneapolis, MN. 1915 Richard H. Goms Jr.
SHULER, Lulu Benstrom (Stowe) 1875-1956 Falls City, Richardson, NE Durham, CT 1940 Richard H. Goms Jr.
SHULER, Robert Stowe 1896-1970 Spokane, Spokane Co., WA Durham, CT 1925 Richard H. Goms Jr.
SKOW, Nis 1866-1945 Øster Lindet, Haderslev, Denmark Colfax, Whitman, Washington 1914 Rich Bentley
SLY, Edna Maud 1880 to 1914 Wisconsin Troy, Latah Co., Idaho 1912 Ruth Anne GOOS Halligan
WALKER, Marjorie 1917-1999 Spokane, Washington Los Angeles County, California 1944 Shelly Chance Galloway

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